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Whether you are a new graduate, a student or a faculty member, we have programs in place to assist you. Education is the cornerstone of any therapy discipline, and we hope to do our part to contribute.

New Grads
You have achieved academic success in your college career. Now, you’re searching for a rewarding professional experience to leverage the knowledge you worked so hard to attain. Why not jump start your career as a therapist with a company in which you can enjoy excellent compensation and benefits, job growth opportunities, and a chance to make an impact?

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Customized training programs, continuous mentoring, tuition assistance, and relocation benefits, allow you to hone your skills and develop new ones. We provide all the tools you need to reach your full growth potential and to make a life — not just a living.

As a student you are faced with plenty of challenges. Whether it is exams, assignments or a part-time job, you have enough on your mind. Choosing where to complete your clinical fieldwork and obtaining the most from that experience should be as seamless as possible and should not add to your stress level. Contact us directly or speak to your advisor about the possibility of completing your clinical fieldwork with Benchmark. Chances are we may be able to help. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you just have a question or would like to talk to someone in the profession.

Universities & Colleges
Advisors and faculty members interested in opportunities to place students for clinical fieldwork are encouraged to contact us. Your students will have a variety of care settings and locations to choose from. Our managers and staff share our commitment to providing the best educational experience possible for students. Our therapists are also available to speak to classrooms, individuals and faculty to answer questions or provide career insight.