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Benchmark Therapies provides innovative rehabilitation solutions that are skillfully tailored to each of our client’s unique therapy needs. Working in tandem with the entire interdisciplinary team, residents, and resident families, our passionate therapists create highly focused, patient centered programs to MAXIMIZE the quality of life for those under our care.

Our expert Quality Improvement Team is continuously adjusting our clinical program to minimize hospital readmission, evolve with the ever-changing healthcare industry, and engage the entire continuum of care in the journey to give our patients’ exceptional care and improved outcomes.

This desire will positively impact our clients’ ratings and reputation to help position them as preferred providers of high quality care.

Join us in our PASSION to elevate therapy programs to the forefront of care and raise the bar on expected outcomes. We are your PARTNER, not just a provider.

Why Benchmark?

  • Program Implementation & Constant Oversight
  • Recruitment of Exceptional Therapists
  • Quality Improvement Team
  • Marketing Support
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Open Dialogue and Personal Attention
  • Customized Programs & Solutions
  • Outpatient Clinics on Campus
  • Personalized Wellness & RNP Programs
  • Evolving for the Future


Benchmark’s philosophy is to provide a great deal of personal attention to our customers. At Benchmark, we are able to tailor our operations to the specific needs of each facility allowing mutual success.


Strong leadership and support for therapists and our clients is a critical element in the delivery of services. The right leaders ensure facility goals are reached, performance is measured, and best practices are enacted.


Optimal therapist staffing levels result in residents achieving optimal clinical outcomes and the facility maximizing revenue realized from therapy services. A higher therapist to patient ratio results in thorough analysis of resident needs and ensures that therapists have sufficient time and resources to address and meet all of those needs.


Benchmark is well prepared for the changing regulatory environment. Benchmark’s clinical outcomes continue to improve and adapt to maximize referrals and value for our clients. Benchmark is committed to serving as a partner to our customers as they find their way forward in this era of changing care and new payment models.

Passionate Programs

Quality Care

Benchmark Therapies provides tailored rehabilitation solutions to each and every patient we care for. Through our Passionate Programs, we positively impact our clients’ ratings and community reputations and help to position them as preferred providers.

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Benchmarking Solutions

Quality Resources

Benchmark Therapies provides tailored rehabilitation solutions. Benchmark’s resources are customized through the following programs that create an impact in and beyond your campus.

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What our clients are saying:

  • Benchmark is a boutique company that provides personalized attention to its clients. They know their clients and are responsive and receptive to their therapy needs. It is obvious from Benchmark's interactions with its clients that they are committed to providing the best quality therapy with qualified therapists who continue to build on their skills and treatment modalities. The Benchmark team is proactive in seeking ways in which to enhance therapy services and is a true partner in serving the therapy needs of people.
    CEO of a Senior Living Organization in Pennsylvania