Our Approach
We pride ourselves in understanding the importance of listening to those we serve. Rarely do two facilities, even those within the same organization, face identical challenges. Staffing issues, maximizing Case Mix return, developing a quality Restorative Nursing Program, and difficulties in census development are examples of issues that may impact facilities differently.

We do not attempt to apply a standard package that solves all of the rehabilitation issues facing facilities in today’s healthcare climate. Instead we seek to fully understand the pressing needs that your facility is facing to determine whether we can assist you in fulfilling your mission.

Our commitment to helping our customers ensure the highest quality of care while serving as a financial steward is unwavering. Our ability to deliver on this commitment is driven by Our Customers, Our Values, Our People, Our Community, and Our Technology.

Clinical Areas — Outcomes in Quality of Care and Quality of Life
At Benchmark, we produce outcomes in quality of care and quality of life. The benefit of therapy services is only fully recognized through a true interdisciplinary approach with appropriate staffing models that employ the most competent therapists. We work closely with administration in determining the appropriate complement of therapists necessary to meet the needs of the facility. Our therapists are fully licensed and in good standing with advanced training in numerous specialty areas.

Learn more about the following therapies that we provide:

          Physical Therapy
          Occupational Therapy
          Speech-Language Pathology

Our Customers
We focus on being able to embrace the values and culture of the clients we serve. It is our goal to be viewed as a partner rather than a vendor. Through this partnership, we focus on assisting our clients achieve desired outcomes in all realms; clinical, spiritual, and financial.

By adhering to who we are, we are proud to retain customers year after year. We welcome the opportunity to facilitate a conversation between you and any number of our customers.

Our Values
Our values serve as the framework allowing us to deliver on our promises. Benchmark was built upon and continues to build upon the right combination of basic yet critical values.

Our belief is to achieve great results guided by the following values:


Our People
Our people, at all levels of the organization, embody our core values. They do so through selective recruitment, ongoing development, and careful socialization into the organization. Each therapist is viewed and treated as an indispensable team member.

Before being welcomed onto our team, each individual is carefully scrutinized based upon:

1. Passion and dedication shown for their chosen career path — the career of helping people
2. Match between their core value set and that of Benchmark
3. Match between their clinical skill set and the needs of a given facility
4. Match between their personality and that of a given facility
5. Willingness to accept the responsibilities of functioning as a true team member
6. Perseverance when facing challenging situations
7. Willingness to continually strive for ongoing clinical development
8. Ability to innovate
9. Demonstrated penchant for life

Those therapists that want something more; to fulfill a desire to make a difference in the lives' of others and to be appreciated while doing so; to be challenged and to go home at the end of the day feeling tired yet fulfilled, find a home with Benchmark.

From top to bottom, we continue to evolve!

Our Community
Our community is where Benchmark lives, works, and serves. We believe strongly in being good community members through utilizing local vendors whenever possible, supporting community causes, and making a commitment to long-term relationships where we work. Whether it is sponsorship of a 5k race or golf tournament for facility fundraising or enabling our employees to volunteer their time to support a community cause, we make giving back to the community a priority.

Our Technology
Billing Software
Benchmark's technology partners offer innovative billing and clinical technical solutions. Our billing software is provided through GiftRap Corporation's RehabOptima. RehabOptima provides innovative software solution with provisions for:

- Documentation - Regulatory Compliance - Increased Productivity
- PPS Efficiency - RUG Optimization - Billing Data Exports
- Payroll Exports - Part-B Cap Mgmt - Drill thru reporting

Clinical Partnerships
Our clinical partnerships afford us access to new medical technologies and training as soon as they are available. This enables us to provide advanced treatment for:

- Pain Management - Wound Healing - Contracture Management
- Bladder Control - Fall Prevention - Joint Weakness